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Hello we're team FEATHERNET

Feathernet is a top-notch player in providing state of the art design solutions and delivering outsourcing services with worldwide accomplishment. By means of insightful commerce know-how and advantageous innovations, the designers and innovators at Feathernet facilitate customers to convert their business progression on an ongoing basis. With innovative concepts, we enable our company to design and maintain all projects over their entire life period. We methodically refurbish both latest and older structures to meet the needs of latest trends and lifestyles. To reply faster and more flexibly to customer requirements, we’re sharpening our focus on newly emerged technologies and creating versatile platforms.

When we meet a new client we sit down, get our heads around your business and take a look at what you want to achieve before planning a bespoke digital strategy that will work for you. 99% of everything we do is created in-house, we are privately owned and we trade on reputation so when you win, we win too!


Bibin Sathyan
George Jomy
Managing Director
Jolish Joseph
Head of Operations
Malko Ebers
Business Consultant/Partner
Chuks Melville
Business Partner
Martin Luther
Business Partner